Vol 8 (1855-1856)

This volume includes papers on a wide variety of topics including the character of Hamlet, the population of Manchester and diseases of the pear tree

Front matter:
List of members

On the state of the western portion of the ancient kingdom of Northumberland, down to the period of the Norman conquest
John Hodgson Hinde

Liverpool: memoranda touching its area and population, during the first half of the present century
J. T. Danson

On the Saxon element in the diction of English poetry
David Buxton

On the foundation and history of Boteler’s Free Grammar School at Warrington
John Fitchett Marsh

The ancient geometrical analysis, illustrated from the writings of the Lancashire geometers
T. T. Wilkinson

On Babylon; and on the discovery of the cuneiform characters, and the mode of interpreting them
Dr Julius Oppert

On the method of testing marine meteorological instruments recently introduced at Liverpool Observatory
John Hartnup

On the character of Hamlet
Rev. Arthur Ramsay

On the Roman remains recently discovered at Walton-le-Dale, Preston
Charles Hardwick

On the ethnology of south Britain at the period of the extinction of the Roman government in the island
Thomas Wright

On the lepidopterous insects of the district around Liverpool
Charles Stuart Gregson

On the area and population of the Manchester district
J. T. Danson

The English poor law system, viewed in relation to education and morals, in England and Wales
Rev. Thomas Moore

On a fungoid disease affecting the pear tree
Thomas Sansom

On the rise of the manufacturing towns of Lancashire and Cheshire
David Buxton

Results deduced from observations, taken with the self-registering anemometer and rain-gauge, at the Liverpool Observatory, during the four years ending December 31, 1855
John Hartnup

Proceedings, eighth Session, 1855-56

Balance sheet

Exhibition of a case of watches
Rev. John James Moss

On the use of the patent abacus
J. G. Jones

A day in Low Furness
James Stonehouse

General remarks on the natural history of the shores of the Mersey
Richard A. Tudor

On some unpublished letters of Dr. Franklin
Percy M. Dove

On a supposed new species of prong-horned antelope from North America
Thomas J. Moore

On the horns of the Chiru, the so-called ‘Unicorn’ of Thibet
Thomas J. Moore

On the advantages of the study of natural history, in our national or people’s schools
Charles Stuart Gregson

Monumental brasses found at Preston
William Dobson

On some of the recorded changes in Liverpool Bay, previous to the year 1800
Joseph Boult

Concluding address
J. T. Danson

Appendix: excursion



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