Grants & Prizes

The Constitution of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire declares that one of the objectives of the Society is the promotion of the study of any aspects of the history and archaeology of the area covered by the Palatine Counties of Lancashire and Cheshire and their successor local authorities. To further this aim we offer a number of grants and prizes.


There are three categories of grant awarded annually:-

Education Grants
Publication Grants
Research Grants

Follow links for details of the Grants Awards Process.


We also offer two dissertation prizes of £150 each year, one for an undergraduate dissertation and one for a Masters dissertation on any aspect of the history of the two counties. The dissertations do not have to be from history students and related disciplines are welcome to enter (e.g. historical geography, politics).

We welcome applications in all categories so take a look at the application instructions to see whether you qualify for one of our grants or prizes.

Information & Application

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    Dissertation Prizes
    The Society awards up to two dissertation prizes of £150 annually
  • Education Grants
    For projects or activities that further the study of local history
  • Publication Grants
    For individuals or groups seeking support in the preparation of a publication
  • Research Grants
    For individuals to help to cover particular research expenses

Grants Awards Process

Each application will be treated on its own merits by a committee of the HSLC Council.

The principal consideration for a research award or a publication award will be that the work should lead to a higher degree qualification or a written publication in an appropriate format. Personal genealogical research, for example, will not qualify.

Where appropriate, the assistance of the Society must be acknowledged, and a copy of the publication presented to the Society’s library.

Applications for all three categories of grant should be completed on the designated form and received by 31 October.

The result of the application will normally be notified by 1 February.   Research and education grants should be taken up within one calendar year and publication grants within two years of the award being granted.

Council Members are eligible to apply, but on doing so should declare their interest with the Council and any Council Member that should apply in any given year will not be permitted to sit on the awarding committee.

  • Mandate of John Till
    Mandate of John Till, Prior Provincial of the Order of Dominicans in England, in favour of William, Prior of Cartmel, promising prayers for William on his deathbed and, on his death, prayers for his soul, 15 August 1418. From the Hulton archive: DDHU53/3. Reproduced with permission of Lancashire Archives.
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