Since the publication of the first volume of Transactions in 1849, over 160 editions of our journal have been published

This represents a considerable and influential body of scholarly material on the history of the two counties. Some of the articles published in the nineteenth-century volumes now constitute primary sources for certain aspects of the history of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Many volumes of the journal have been digitised, and can be browsed below, or searched from this page. More volumes will be added over the coming weeks and months.

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  • African Slave Trade
    'Liverpool, the African Slave Trade and Abolition' edited by Roger Anstey and P E H Hair, occasional series volume 2, enlarged edition published in 1989
  • Vol 165 (2016)
    This is our most recent volume, edited for us on this occasion by Alan Crosby
  • Vol 164 (2015)
    This cover image from the volume is of Baffler's Ford on the River Lune
  • Vol 163 (2014)
    The articles in this volume once again cover a wide range of geographical areas and time periods
  • Vol 162 (2013)
    This sketch of Bebington church in the 14th century comes from volume 49 of our Transactions for 1897
  • Vol 161 (2012)
    All the papers in this volume cover Lancashire topics
  • Vol 160 (2011)
    Articles in this volume feature topics from more recent centuries across the two counties
  • Vol 159 (2010)
    Cheshire and the crusades - farming in early modern Lancashire - Wirral garrisons in the Civil War - the port of Lancaster - Lake District - Mersey Yacht Club - Calveley church
  • Vol 156 (2007)
    This image of 'Priestlands' is reproduced in Stephen Matthews article 'Landlord, agent and tenant in later nineteenth-century Cheshire' by kind permission of J. Elsworth
  • Market Street Manchester, about 1902
    This busy street is one of the main retail streets in the city of Manchester, it is now a pedestrian zone.
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