Vol 94 (1942)

A Late Roman Fibula - North-West Mercia, AD 871-924 - James Bankes and the Manor of Winstanley, 1595-1607 - Freckleton Water Mill - Old Woolton Summer House and Woolton Beacon

Front matter
Council and officers for the year 1942
Officers of the Society from the commencement
Honorary members
List of members
Societies from whom publications are received

A late Roman fibula
Philip Nelson

North-west Mercia, A. D. 871-924
F. T. Wainwright

James Bankes and the manor of Winstanley, 1595-1617
Joyce H. M. Bankes

Freckleton water mill
Robert Walker

The old Woolton summer house, and the question of Woolton beacon
Stanley A. Harris

The County Record office in 1942
R. Sharpe France

A grant of arms to Urmston, Lancs.
H. Ellis Tomlinson

Rev Frederick Odo Blundell [Obituary]

James Hoult [Obituary]

Professor G. S. Veitch [Obituary]

Council and officers’ reports for 1942



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