Vol 7 (1854-1855)

This volume includes an important paper on Liverpool pottery by Joseph Mayer, one of the three founders of the Society

Front matter

On Anglo-Saxon antiquities, with a particular reference to the Faussett collection
Thomas Wright

The manufacture of cobalt
Henry Atherton

Cowley, and the poets of the seventeenth century
David Buxton

On a grotesque mask of punishment obtained in the castle of Nuremberg
Frederick W. Fairholt

On some correspondence of Dr. Priestley, preserved in the Warrington museum and library
John Fitchett Marsh

Description of a unique vase in Mr. Mayer’s museum
F. R. Paul Bööke

A morning’s ramble in ‘Old Warrington’
James Kendrick

Notices of certain British antiquities; no. 2 – objects in glass
Edward Benn

On the materials for the history of the two counties, and the mode of using them [Part II]
John Robson

On the snows and snow crystals of the winter 1854-55, as observed in Warrington
Thomas Glazebrook Rylands

On institutions for the deaf and dumb: their objects, difficulties, and advantages
David Buxton

An account of the life and writings of the late J. H. Swale, of Liverpool
Thomas T. Wilkinson

Remarks upon the flora of Liverpool
H. S. Fisher

On the illumination of the diatomaceae, when viewed under the microscope
Thomas Sansom

On Liverpool pottery
Joseph Mayer

Remarks on the connection between archaeology and natural history
Joseph Clarke

On the results of the self-registering tide gauge
Lieutenant W. Lord

On the lepidopterous insects of the district around Liverpool, with some of the causes of the abundance or scarcity of insects
Charles Stuart Gregson

Proceedings, seventh session, 1854-1855

Report presented at the annual meeting

Report respecting the extension of the Society

Soiree to the British Association for the Advancement of Science

‘Tig’ in the collection of Joseph Mayer
Joseph Mayer

On the powder-proof solid lock, and safe door
W. Milner

Description of two ancient carved oak panels
John Clements

Some notes on the parish of West Kirkby, in the hundred of Wirrall
Rev Thomas Moore

Remarks on the rainfall at Warrington, during a period of eleven years
Thomas Glazebrook Rylands

Notes on the old church at Leyland
Miss ffarington

Notice of an ancient manuscript chronicle
Rev. John Sansom

Analysis of the subscribers to the various Liverpool charities
Rev Abraham Hume

Notice of the inventory of the effects of Mrs. Milton, widow of the poet
John Fitchett Marsh

Notes on the primitive inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland
Edward Benn

Description of the parish and church of Over, in Cheshire
James Stonehouse

Science in Lancashire and Cheshire
John Towne Danson

Parochial notes respecting Waverton, near Chester
Rev. J. W. Hill

Concluding address
Rev. A. Hume


Contents of volumes I to VI


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