Vol 42 (1890)

Two articles about the city of Liverpool in this volume include a paper on the city's coat of arms and another on Liverpool Castle

Alternative volume number: New Series Volume VI

Front matter:
Editorial notes and acknowledgements
List of illustrations
List of honorary local secretaries
Council and officers for the year 1890 (Session xlii)
Officers of the Society since commencement
List of members
List of Societies in correspondence

The armorial bearings of the City of Liverpool
J. Paul Rylands

Earle of Allerton Tower
T. Algernon Earle

Notes on the Hardman family
Lieut.-Col. Fishwick

On the identity of the ‘Mediolanum’ of the second and tenth iter of Antoninus
George W. Shrubsole

The Daltons of Thurnham
William Oliver Roper

A Russian historical museum
Willoughby Gardner

The priory of the Blessed Virgin and Saint James, Birkenhead
Charles Aldridge

Bell-founders in Lancashire and Cheshire and the adjacent counties, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
J. P. Earwaker

An episode in the Anderton family history
Mrs. Arthur Cecil Tempest

An attempt to recover the plans of the castle of Liverpool from authentic records; considered in connexion with mediaeval principles of defence and construction
Edward W. Cox

A manuscript containing Lancashire church notes and trickings of arms, made in the years 1564 to 1598; rendered in blazon
J. Paul Rylands

Schedule of deeds and documents, the property of Colonel Thomas Richard Crosse, preserved in the muniment room at Shaw Hill, Chorley, in the county of Lancaster: part I
R. D. Radcliffe

Council and officers’ reports for the year 1890



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