Vol 133 (1983)

Aerial Archaeology - Manchester’s Water Supply - The Duke’s Dock - Liverpool’s Office District – Secondary Education - John Brindley - Matthew Swettenham

Front matter
Editorial note
Council and officers of the society

Aerial archaeology and the evidence for medieval farming in West Cheshire
R. Williams

The impact and development of Manchester’s water supply, 1568-1882
J. A. Hassan

The Duke’s Dock in Liverpool
Linda Little

Liverpool’s office district, 1875-1905
D. K. Stenhouse

Labour and ‘Secondary Education for all’, in Liverpool, c. 1902-32
Geoffrey C. Fidler

John Brindley (1811-1873), Cheshire schoolmaster and the opponent of atheism
G. W. Place

Matthew Swettenham: Ricardian profiteer
James L. Gillespie


Council and officers’ reports for 1983



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