Vol 95 (1943)

A variety of papers and short notes covering medieval and modern subjects and extending beyond the two Palatine counties

Front matter
Council and officers for the year 1942
Officers of the Society from the commencement
Affiliated societies
Honorary members
List of members
Societies from whom publications are received

The churchwardens’ accounts of Prescot, 1523-1607 [part 2]
F. A. Bailey

Church building in Cheshire during the thirteenth century
Fred H. Crossley

Early Liverpool customs officers
Arthur C. Wardle

A voyage on the Red Jacket in 1857-8
E. C. Woods

Four Roman bronze statuettes from Lake Nemi
Philip Nelson

A history of orchestral music on Merseyside
Bertram B. B. Benas

16th century Salford portmoot records
R. Sharpe France

Three documents concerning the constables of Newton with Scales, 1687-90
G. H. Millner

A 15th century Altcar inventory
R. Sharpe France

Corn measures in the eighteenth century
Robert Walker

Lancashire justices of the peace in 1583
R. Sharpe France

The County Record Office, Preston, in 1943
R. Sharpe France

Professor George Stead Veitch [Obituary]

Stray notes:
The interiors of two old Liverpool theatres
Stanley A. Harris

Articles, notes etc. by the late Ronald Stewart-Brown

The rule of the road
R. Sharpe France

Friendly society Festivities, 1798
R. Sharpe France

Oversands guide
E. C. Woods

Everton Beacon
R. Sharpe France

Items relating to other counties

Council and officers’ reports for 1943



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