Vol 9 (1856-1857)

This volume includes an address to William Brown on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of Liverpool Free Public Library and Museum as well as the usual wide-ranging papers

Front matter:
List of members

On the language of Lancashire, under the Romans
R. G. Latham

On the importance of testing chronometers before they are used at sea, with examples to show how their most common faults may be detected
John Hartnup

On the battle of Brunanburh; and the probable locality of the conflict, with appendix: on some funeral urns found at Catlow
T. T. Wilkinson

Notes on the yak, or grunting ox, and other ruminating animals from central Asia
T. J. Moore

The castle hill of Penwortham
Rev. William Thornber

On resemblance, imitation and plagiarism in English poetry
David Buxton

The Faussett museum, as affording materials for history
John Robson

On some fossil trees recently discovered at Burnley
T. T. Wilkinson

On comparative philology considered as an aid to history
Rev Arthur Ramsay

Commerce of the medial east
John Locke

On the perfect r-Partitions of r2-r 1+1
Rev. T. P. Kirkman

On the history of the English language
Thomas Wright

On the lepidopterous insects of the district around Liverpool
Charles Stuart Gregson

On the people of the English Lake Country, their origin, history and character
A. Craig Gibson

On the population of Lancashire and Cheshire, and its local distribution during the fifty years, 1801-1851 [Part I]
J. T. Danson and T. A. Welton

A visit to the tomb of Theodoro Paleologus
John Thomas Towson

Results of an examination of the records of the Liverpool self-registering tide gauge, for the years 1854, 1855 and 1856
Lieut. Murray T. Parks

The characters of Macbeth and Richard the third, according to Shakespeare, compared
James Stonehouse

Historical sketch of the Liverpool Library
P. Macintyre

Remarks on antique ivory carvings
Francis Pulszky

Proceedings, ninth session, 1856-57

Report presented at the annual meeting

Balance sheet

Remarks on the financial position of the Society
Rev. A. Hume

Opening address
J. T. Danson

On the relation between the material progress of the United States and the capital and labour of Europeans
E. Clibborn

On binocular vision, and the theory of the stereoscope
John Newton

On a vortex wheel near Kendal, with suggestions on water wheels
G. Grazebrook

Illustrations of ring money and gold torques found in Ireland, belonging to Thomas Tobin

Concluding address
Rev. A. Hume

Appendix: extra meeting

Special General Meeting and address to William Brown on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of Liverpool Free Public Library and Museum

Appendix: excursion and visit



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