Vol 170 (2021)

This year's volume includes ten articles and fourteen book reviews covering a broad range of time periods and geographical areas within the two historic counties of Cheshire and Lancashire together with a compelling argument for placing the Battle of Brunanburh in the Wirral. In addition two research notes reflect the work of past and possibly future historians with a reflection on P. F. Clarke's seminal work, Lancashire and the New Liberalism while pupils from a Bolton Primary School look back at the experience of evacuees in World War Two.

This volume is not available in digital form on our website at present. HSLC members receive a copy of this volume plus online access to this and other recent volumes through Liverpool University Press.

Front matter:
Editorial note
Notes on contributors


Researching War-time Evacuation with Belmont Street Primary School Children
George Skinner and Judith Peel

Lancashire and the New Liberalism: A Half-century Retrospective
Marc Collinson


A Wirral Location for the Battle of Brunanburh
Clare Downham

Inheritance and Identity in Pennine Lancashire: The Stansfields of Inchfield, Walsden, 1591-1767
R. E. Stansfield-Cudworth

The Preston Cock, Adultery, Homophobia and the First Petition for Female Suffrage
John Belcham

Morris Ranger: The Rise and Fall of the Liverpool Cotton Market’s Greatest Speculator, 1835 to 1887
Nigel Hall

The Memoir of Florence Garstang (1870-1941): Honour, Injustice, and Gendered Sacrifice in an Upwardly Mobile Blackburn Family
Penny Bayer

Anglican Nuns Come to Liverpool
Janet Hollinshead and Pat Starkey

Community, Class and Identity: An Analysis of the Harle Syke Strike, 1915
Jack Southern

‘Liverpool’s first Labour MP’: The Untold Story of the Edge Hill By-election of March 2023
Paul A. Nuttall

Book Reviews

Report of Council for the Year 2020

Council and Officers for 2020

Cover Image: St Margaret’s Church, Princes Road, Liverpool (Hugo Lang & Co Series Postcard, 6493. First published, 1906.





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