Vol 167 (2018)

Topics covered in this volume range across both counties over the centuries. The cover image of ‘Lancaster Castle from churchyard’ is reproduced by kind permission of TuckDB Postcards.

This volume is not available on our website at present.


Front matter:
Editorial Note
Notes on contributors

Lancashire and the British Kingdom of Rheged
Andrew Breeze

A ‘Lewd Company’ at Prayer: Plebeian Catholics in Elizabethan Cheshire
Howard Barlow

Who Did Lancaster Castle ‘Belong to’? The Duchy of Lancaster, the County and the Home Office c. 1698–1930
Michael Winstanley

Warrington Academy Invoked and Recalled: Reflections on a Contemporary Manuscript Anthology
David Sekers

Fact vs Fiction: The Early Years of the Liverpool Constabulary Force in Contemporary Literature
N. Foggo

Liverpool Botanic Garden: Early Curators and Gardeners
Eric Greenwood, Steve Lyus, and Ray Lampert

The Interwar Politics of the Liverpool Irish: A Story of God, Class, and National Identity
James R. Evans

HSLC Undergraduate’s Dissertation Prizewinner 2017
“Cheer up a Bit Lunger”: The Function of Dialect Poetry during the Lancashire Cotton Famine
Jack Cottam

Book Reviews

Council and officers’ reports for the year 2017


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