Vol 162 (2013)

This sketch of Bebington church in the 14th century comes from volume 49 of our Transactions for 1897

This volume is not available online at present but we have some copies for sale. Please contact publications@hslc.org.uk for further details.

Front matter:
Editorial note
Notes on contributors

Churchwardens in Cheshire: Bebington parish 1602-1830
P. J. Cox, J. E. Hollinshead, C. M. Nunn, C. B. Phillips

Colonel Moore’s offensive against Wirral, November 1643
Tony Dyson

‘The Tymes Being Soe Hard With Poore People’: poverty and the Economic Crisis of 1672-76 in Lancashire
Jonathan Healey

Landownership, planning and settlement development in south-west Cheshire 1750-2000
Polly Bird

‘Democratic Principles and Aristocratic Tastes’: William Roscoe’s patronage and art collecting
Dongho Chun

‘The Same Power that Scourged us is Now Oppressing You’: the Queen Caroline Affair in north-west England
Ruth Mather

School history and civic education: the Preston Guild Historical Pageant of 1922
Keith Vernon

James Kay, The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes (1832)
Frank Emmett

Research in Progress:
Laudianism in the diocese of Chester: revisiting the episcopate of John Bridgeman
James Mawdesley

Research in Progress:
The Lancashire Place Name Survey: a work in progress
Jennifer S Holt

Book reviews

Council and officers’ reports for 2012


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