Vol 15 (1862-1863)

Several articles on botany and zoology appear in this volume, together with a paper on electricity

Alternative volume number: New Series volume III

Front matter:
List of members

On Virgil’s plough, as illustrated by a rude implement in modern use in Spain
J. F. Marsh

On the life and writings of Schiller
Rev. Hermann Baar

On micro-geology
Edward H. Birkenhead

Every-day life of a country gentleman of Cheshire in the 17th century: as shewn in the private expenditure journal of Colonel Henry Bradshaw, of Marple and Wybersleigh
A. Craig Gibson

List of the British roses and brambles occurring in the Liverpool district
H. S. Fisher

On the habitats of some of our British ferns
Nicholas Waterhouse

An account of the life and writings of the late Henry Buckley
T. T. Wilkinson

On the scarcity of home-grown fruits in Great Britain, with remedial suggestions
C. Roach Smith

On the typical quadrumana; with especial reference to St. Hilaire’s division into catarrhine and playrrhine groups
Cuthbert Collingwood

Popular rhymes and proverbs connected with localities. Second series
A. Craig Gibson

Local chit-chat of the ‘forty-five’
Sir Edward Cust

Notes on insects injurious to fruit and forest trees
C. S. Gregson

On the applications of electricity
E. B. Bright

Original letter, giving a contemporary relation of the death of Charles II
Sir Edward Cust

The Hilbre Cross
Rev. Abraham Hume

Proceedings, fifteenth session, 1862-63

Report presented at the annual meeting

Balance sheet

On the forms and uses of tintinnabula in mediaeval and modern times
Rev. Abraham Hume

What is the photographic image?
John Glover

An account of the earliest successful experiments made in England in producing, by their own light, photograms of the moon and other heavenly bodies
J. A. Forest

A description of the ancient Messedag Stave or Prim Stave, as described by Professor Munch of Copenhagen
Rev. Abraham Hume

Annual excursion



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