Vol 140 (1990)

Liverpool in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Six of the seven papers appearing in this volume happen to fall into thematic groups, dealing with families and family affairs, and with Liverpool in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The themes were unplanned by the editors and reflect only some of the many strands of work on the region which historians of all types are pursuing. Other topics, other towns, and other periods are equally welcome as contributions.

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Lancashire shipping in the 18th century: the rise of a seafaring family
Maurice M. Schofield

Duxbury in decline: the fortunes of a landed estate, 1756-1932
William Walker

The last of the Warrens: Sir George Warren, K.B. (1735-1801)
Phyllis M. Giles

The captains in the British slave trade from 1785 to 1807
Stephen D. Behrendt

The interests and ethics of John Foster, Liverpool dock surveyor 1799-1824
Adrian Jarvis

A criminal profile of the Liverpool Irish
Frank Neal

Monasteries and settlement in Norman Lancashire: unpublished charters of Roger the Poitevin
Kathleen Thompson

Notes on contributors

Joseph Parry, artist: dates and origins
John C. P. Burleigh


Stanley Arthur Harris 1891-1991 [Obituary] Janet Gnosspelius
Thomas Lloyd-Jones 1904-1990 [Obituary] Neville Carrick

Council and officers’ reports for 1990



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