Vol 10 (1857-1858)

This volume includes a long paper on the Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition of 1857 by George Sharf, the exhibition's art secretary

Front matter:
List of members

On the population of Lancashire and Cheshire, and its local distribution during the fifty years 1801-1851 [Part II]
J. T. Danson and T. A. Welton

Our mother-tongue in our father-land
David Buxton

Further remarks on the history of the two counties and its materials
John Robson

On the so-called Anglo-Saxon antiquities discovered near Kertch, in the Crimea
C. Roach Smith

Notes on the classification of human knowledge, with especial reference to the methods which have been adopted, or proposed, for the arrangement or cataloguing of libraries
Edward Edwards

Ancient customs and superstitions in Cumberland
A. Craig Gibson

Azimuth card for the latitude of Liverpool
W. W. Rundell

On the lepidopterous insects of the district around Liverpool
Charles Stuart Gregson

El Sakhra
Sir Edward Cust

On the flora of Preston and its neighbourhood [Part I]
Charles Joseph Ashfield

Description of some antiquities from Macon, in the south of France
H. Ecroyd Smith

Further memorials of the late J. H. Swale
T. T. Wilkinson

A historical sketch of photography
Charles Corey

On the geology of the Fylde district
Rev William Thornber

On the dipterous insects of the district around Liverpool
H. H. Higgins

Notes on the Buslingthorpe brass
Rev. John Sansom

On slavery, as it existed in England during the Saxon era, and the substitution of villenage after the Norman conquest, until its gradual extinction
Joseph Wright

On the solar eclipse of March 15th 1858, as seen at Burnley
T. T. Wilkinson

On the solar eclipse of March 15th 1858, as seen near Oxford
J. T. Towson and T. Sansom

Icebergs in the southern ocean
J. T. Towson

On the microscope as applied to natural history
Thomas Sansom

Notice of mammalian remains discovered in the excavations at Wallasey for the Birkenhead new docks
Thomas J. Moore

On the Manchester art-treasures exhibition, 1857
George Scharf

Proceedings, tenth session, 1857-58

Report presented at the annual meeting

Balance sheet

Exhibition of items including a brass vessel in the form of a knight dug up in Winwick churchyard, and a fragment of a similar item from Warrington
James Kendrick

Exhibition of fine art items, including rings on the hand of a mummy
Joseph Mayer and John Topping

Further discovery of remains at the Roman station, Walton-le-Dale, near Preston
C. Hardwick

Special General Meeting concerning union with the Photographic Society

Appendix: excursion



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