Princes Park: Liverpool’s first park

November 16, 2019

Our last lecture of the 2019 season is about Liverpool’s first park

Roger Hull of Liverpool Record Office will be talking to us about Princes Park.

Unlike its larger neighbours, Stanley, Newsham and Sefton parks which were publically funded, Princes Park was brought into existence by the philanthropic efforts of one man, Richard Vaughan Yates. It set the standard for later developments and only the best were commissioned to design it: Joseph Paxton and James Pennethorne. It was hoped that the ‘proximate principle’ of having mansions built round the perimeter would help toward the upkeep but in this case the development was slow. Its design and layout became the basis for the later public parks. James Picton (in his Memorials of Liverpool, 1873) commented: “ during Mr Yates lifetime, the returns were very inadequate but more recently the neighbourhood has become fashionable and the land much sought after. Altogether Prince’s Park forms a very agreeable suburb.”

This is a Saturday lecture to be held on 16 November 2019, in the top floor meeting room of Liverpool Central Library starting at 2 p.m.

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