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Lives of the Fellows of the College of Manchester
Author: Raines F.R
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
55th (West Lancashire) Division trench orders 1918
Date: 1998
A Bibliography of Domesday Book
Author: Bates D
Date: 1985
Call number: 016 3333 BAT
A Flyde country practice: Medicine and society in Lancashire, c.1760-1840
Author: King S
Date: 2001
A Goldon mirrour by Richard Robinson of Alton
Author: Robinson R
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
'A Grand City', Life, Movement and Work: Bristol in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Author: |Evans. M. J. C.
Date: 2010
Call number: 942.41 BRI
A guide to medieval Manor...
Author: Overton E
Date: 1997
A guide to the country houses of the north west
Author: Robinson J.M
Date: 1991
Call number: q728 809427 ROB
A historians guide to computing
Author: Greenstein D
Date: 1994
Call number: 902.85 GRE
A history and archaeology of Tameside 1700-1930
Author: Nevell M
Date: 1993
Call number: 942 735 NEV
A History of Farnworth Chuch its village and Parish
Author: Foster A
Date: 1981
Call number: 283 42718 FOG
A history of Lancaster
Author: White A
Date: 2001
A history of linen in the North West
Author: Roberts E
Date: 1998
A history of Preston
Author: Hunt D
Date: 1992
A history of the church parish and schools of St Clement Toxteth Park Liverpool 1841-1991
Author: Pope D.J
Date: 1991
A house nigh unto heaven Bispham Methodist Church 1845-1995
Author: Lythgoe D
Date: 1994
Call number: 297 LYT
A Lancashire Miscellany
Author: Sharpe France R
A Merseyside town in the Industrial Revolution: St Helens 1750-1900
Author: Barker T.C
Date: 1954
Call number: 942 729 SAI
A Middlewich chartulary
Author: Vernon W
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
A new historical atlas of Cheshire
Author: Phillips and Phillips A.D.M & C.B
Date: 2002
A sacred poem
Author: Colton W
Date: 1856
Call number: 245 2 COL
A second Merseyside maritime history Transactions and research
Author: Hignet ed H.M
Date: 1991
Call number: 387 10942753
A short history of Hall-io-tho-wood of Bolton Lancashire and its occupants c 1483 to the present
Author: Mills D.R
Date: 1992
A short History of the First Liverpool Infirmary 1749-1824
Author: McGloughlin G
Date: 1978
Call number: 362 1109 MAC
A Survey of the County Palatine of Chester 1777: with an introduction by J B Harley and P Laxton
Author: Burdett P.P
Date: 1974
Call number: q 912(71)
A Thousand Years of Norfolk Cladstone 967-1967 an architectural and geological survey of a building store quarried in Norfolk
Author: Messent C.J.W
Date: 1967
Call number: 691 2 MES
Abbey of St Mary-of-the-Marsh at Cockersand
Author: Swarbrick J
Date: 1925
Call number: 726 72(729) COC
Abstracts of Inquisitions post Mortem made by Christopher Towneley and Roger Dodsworth extracted from MS at Towneley
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Academy of armory
Author: Holme R
Date: 1688
Call number: q929 6 HOL
Account of u2000 levied upon the county of Lancaster for the use of the Parliamentary army in 1643-44
Author: Fishwick H
Date: 1906
Call number: 355 26 FIS
Accounts of the Chamberlains and other officers of the County of Chester 1301-1360
Act Book of the Ecclesiastical Court of Whalley
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Adamsos weekly courant
Author: Adamsos weekly courant
Date: 1758
Call number: f072(719) CHE
Admiral Denham and the approaches to the port of Liverpool
Author: Mountfield A.S
Date: 1953
Call number: 386 3 MOU
Admission Register of the Manchester School
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Alpraham: the history of a Cheshire village
Author: Latham F.A
Date: 1969
Call number: 942 719 ALP
An Edition of the Cartulary of Burscough Priory
Author: Webb A.N
Date: 1970
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
An Exact and Industrious Tradesman: The letter book of Joseph Symson of Kendal 1711-1720
Author: Smith S.D
Date: 2002
An Experiment in Humanism Windsor St Ethical Church Liverpool and its founder the Rev Harry Youlden
Author: Sellers I
Date: 1961
Call number: 287 SEL
Ancestor trail in Ireland
Author: Begley D
Date: 1985
Call number: 929 107 BEG
Ancient charters and documents relating to lands at Aughton in the Hundred of West Derby in Lancashire
Author: Patchett (Ed ) A
Date: 1899
Call number: q333 3(72) PAT
Ancient charters of the Borough of Clithero
Author: Harland (Ed ) J
Date: 1851
Call number: 352 003(729) CLI
Ancient charters preserved at Scarisbrick Hall
Author: Powell (Ed ) E
Date: 1898
Call number: 025 171(729) SCA
Ancient crosses of Lancashire
Author: Taylor H
Date: 1899
Call number: 942 72 TAY
Ancient Liverpool buildings and architecture alecture to L A & A S
Author: Picton J.A
Date: 1849
Call number: 720 9 PIC
Ancient Meols
Author: Hume A
Date: 1863
Call number: 913 4271 HUM
Ancient monuments under the ownership or guardianship of H M Office of Works: illustrated regional guides
Author: Ormsby-Gore W.G.A
Date: 1936
Call number: 913 42 WOR
Anglo Saxon Legends
Date: 1851
Anglo Scottish FHS a digest of library resources and a dictionary of Scottish emigrants
Author: Scotland
Date: 1984
Call number: 929 109 ANG

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